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Traditional employee recognition approaches have little impact to employees staying, giving their full effort, and loving what they do. Recognition Rebooted is a smarter solution that DOES have impact. Contact us for skill building and Read more about the book.

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Why Recognition Rebooted?

Check out this brief video on why getting employee recognition right matters to you, your team, and your organization.

Client Testimonials

Engaging and Energizing

Sam’s training and co-design of a 5-day Microsoft onboarding program kept the participants engaged, challenged and energized. The result was that it helped them jump into their roles at Microsoft with more relevancy and excellent preparation. Sam was also very knowledgeable and enjoyable to work with!

Angelle Pruitt
Global Program Manager, Microsoft

Depth of Knowledge in Organizational Culture

Sam has a passion for getting to know our business, her depth of knowledge in organizational culture, training, facilitation, 360-degree feedback, coaching, and employee recognition.

Alan Law DDS, PhD
President, The Dental Specialists


Outstanding work you’ve done for us in supervisor leadership training. Your commitment to helping us develop a positive road map of leadership, growth and development into the future has been outstanding!”

Pete Nelson
Production Manager, Green Bay Packaging, Inc.

Valuable and Trusted Partner

Sam is a trusted and valuable partner.  She helps our leaders develop strong team performance while navigating the complexity of our business.  She has strong credibility in our organization, and we count on her to share the latest information with us whether it be on the changing workforce, employee engagement, retention of high performers, or change management.

Cheryl B. Jones MBA, MHA
Sr. Director of Human Resources and Operations | CRISP

Awesome & Relevant Recognition Skill Building for Managers!

Sam’s expertise in Employee Recognition is SPOT ON and needed across industries. The Recognition Rebooted book perfectly describes how ineffectively recognition plays out in organizations. And finally an awesome and relevant Recognition Rebooted skill building that shows how easy and effective it can be. Participating in her training will continue to benefit me throughout my career.

Judy McDonald
President, Creative Comfort, Inc.

Second to None, Real & Sustainable Value

Sam’s ability to engage participants allow her to build Executive Development/Employee Retention and Recognition programs that bring real and sustainable value to an organization.

Byron Bruce
IT Manager, Downs Food Group

Immediate Changes in How We Do Recognition

I learned a lot and can make immediate changes in how I do recognition.  The data was incredibly helpful to understand what people really want and need from recognition.

Chelsea Clennan
Office Manager, Stinson Leonard Street LLP

Our Leaders Left with New Awareness and Tools to Put into Place Immdediately

Sam clearly communicated the business and human case for effectively recognizing employees.  She really got to the heart of what our firm has been doing and wants to do with regard to rewards and recognition and tailored her training accordingly. Our leaders left with new awareness and tools to start putting better practices into place immediately.

Rebecca M. Surmont
Organizational Development Specialist, Stinson Leonard Street LLP

Revolutionary and Informative. Recognition Rebooted Could Be a Game Changer

Revolutionary and informative. Recognition Rebooted could be a game changer without requiring much input, just managing differently and smarter and more effectively.

Buck Wiley
Program Manager, Great River Greening

A Passion and a Gift for…Cleaning Out the Misconceptions that Drain Staff Motivation and Commitment

Sam Jenniges has a passion and a gift for climbing into an organization’s culture, and cleaning out the misconceptions that drain staff motivation and commitment. The result? A rebooted system of collaboration, enthusiasm, and smart thinking.

Deborah Karasov
Executive Director, Great River Greening

Sam Allowed Us to View Recognition from a Different and Fresh Perspective, Terrific!

Recognition Rebooted with Sam helped us easily think about rebooting the employee recognition practices that aren’t working well for us, and complimenting what is. Sam made it easy for us to get good at delivering recognition in a way that makes employees feel seen and heard, without requiring a budget. We put the principles into practice the next day and saw an immediate difference. We just loved it, and highly recommend this session!


Andy Hardy
Talent Acquisition Partner at Deluxe Corporation